Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Have My Reviews Been Delaying?

Alright, so it has been awhile since I last reviewed something on my blog and I do apologize for that. I wanna say that they would be up eventually but I'm still working on some changes. Anyway, I'll get right to it.

First up, I just wanted to say that I experimented with a new skin care routine. And I know, what's that gotta do with doing reviews? Well, to fully review a product (at least for me) I need to have my skin under control because I find that having a clean canvas would definitely bring out better results. I just actually wanted to make sure I'm doing as much as I can to bring out the best in a beauty product and also for my own insecurities.

Also, as you guys know I have started my own Youtube channel and I have a few videos that involve beauty, vlogs and things that will come up that doesn't involve any of those. What I wanna add to that list is reviews. And yes, I am transferring my beauty reviews from this blog to Youtube. I honestly don't know how to work it out yet and it's still pretty new to me but I find that people are alot more visual and want the quickest way to find reviews about certain things that they want to get so I decided to do this. It would start pretty soon but I've already picked a schedule which is every Wednesday so subscribe if you guys haven't already to watch my reviews and I promise you, they will be quick and informative as I can manage.

What will happen to my blog after this? Well, I'm not giving blogging up. I just decided to focus more on my practice for writing and they may also include beauty related things. I just want to have something different to offer on my blog which I am gonna be working hard on. 

So that is all for this post and I hope that you guys stay with me on this new road that I am taking. If anything's changed during all of this, I'm gonna make sure I let you guys know about it. So thank you for your support and I'll see you guys on my next post or video! 


  1. Hello from Spain: fabulous plans and projects. Keep in touch

  2. Good luck with the YouTube channel!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  3. Can wait to see your new posts. Good luck on the Youtube channel.

  4. Love your post, great content!

    Have a great Wednesday!!


  5. Awesome! Looking forward to your new content!

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  6. Good luck with your youtube channel! Will be sure to check it out :)

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  7. Good luck, dear! I'm looking forward to your new content :)


  8. Great post! good luck!


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