Sunday, June 14, 2015

Girl Talk Sunday - Turning pain into power

Welcome back to my blog everybody! Today I want to talk about dealing with pain and how you can take advantage of it.. well, not really to take advantage but using that pain for strength. I'm sure each one of us has / had different struggles in life that we feel are close to hopeless. We feel that some things will just never change. I could honestly say that there are times when it was too painful that it ate me up and practically changed my whole being, but I guess that was the turning point for me. Not in an instant though, it took me days, weeks and months and honestly, I'm still dealing with the after shock until today but I guess that is what mended me to be a better person.

You know, I could see different people's reaction towards the pain of others. People love to compare, like which one is a lot more harder, this or that? I don't have a way to describe it in detail but I'll just elaborate on the issue and hope that what I'm saying makes a lot more sense. You know when you're a kid and you feel like every problem you have is being looked down or laughed at by older people and saying that it's not even a problem, that it's just too small to be an issue. What I think though, every problem given to us is what leads us to our destiny. It was given to us for a reason and one of it is we would be able to handle it. Sometimes even when we're all adults we tend to compare and tell or hear people that they're problems are small compared to ours, I feel that it's not right to compare. I think that everyone should be allowed to feel what they feel. If people think that the situation isn't right or they don't know what to do, then it really is a problem, big or small doesn't even matter because it's the reason why we feel the way we feel. I know some people who feel even shitty because someone tells them that they're problem is nothing and yet they keep worrying about it. That really doesn't help but lessen the self esteem of the person. They tend to think that they have a crappy way of living because they think they aren't dealing with bigger matters. And it distracts them to see a solution to their current problem. Well, you know what they say, if you feel pain, find something that hurts more and if you do, the other thing won't matter.

Back to the topic though, Pain believe it or not people could feel the same thing in the same situation. Probably not at the same time but there are people out there who are also going through what you've been through, and are probably still in it. I salute people who are very open and honest about their experiences and tend to lend a hand to other people who are seeking for advice. Whether it'll be from the internet or a friend or anyone you see everyday. I guess what I'm trying to say is you shouldn't be ashamed of what has happened, you should be proud that you survived and got over it or maybe if you're still experiencing the pain, you should be proud that you are able to handle it and still live each day on how it's suppose to be.

In a more real state, some people aren't as open as they're experiences than others and that's fine too. Knowing the limits of your own pain or how you went pass that is enough for you to be a better person inside and out. If you are ever feeling like you are losing hope, then take a brief trip on memory lane, try and see how you coped up or managed the pain. Your failures are also your strength. This time around you would know what is a better way to do in sticky situations. And with that, you could be your own hero. I suggest that everyone should learn to keep fighting. No pain is out there that would stop us from being the person that we truly are or what we wanna be.

So I guess that's all I needed to say for this topic, I'm pretty sure that the quote speaks for itself but knowing that you have a story behind it makes it a whole lot better.

Thanks for reading this post and hope you would comment your feedback or suggestions or if you have some things to add too. 

Until the next blog!

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