Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Beauty Run at Watsons & Beauty Bar

I don't know about you, but for whatever reason whenever I'm out at the mall and doing some shopping, I always leave out the necessities aka basic things that I need everyday. So, I made a beauty necessities run at Watsons and Beautybar a few days ago. I then realized that I want to share what I typically get whenever I go to these shops, plus the new things I wanted to try out.

  • Carmex

PHP 149.75 Watsons
I recently emptied out my Carmex lip balm which I use whenever I feel like my lips are chapping. It does its job whenever I put it on, it moisturizes and helps my lips restore itself to make it look and feel smooth. It's an easy solution for me whenever I'm having a hard time managing my chapped lips, so I just keep grabbing a new one whenever I empty the one I've been using. 

  • Kojie san sleeveless READY deodorant

PHP 99.50 Watsons
I haven't really found a staple deodorant that I like or stick to, so I'm just trying out new things here and there. That time at Watsons was the first time that I saw this product, I'm familiar with the brand because I always see their soap but I never saw a deodorant. It says that this deodorant offers anti-perspirant, anti-bacterial, lightening and has 48 hours odor and wetness protection. This product smells a lot like soap that isn't overpowering and it feels lightweight on my underarms, like it isn't sticky at all. I would have to test it out a few more times to see if I really like it.

  • Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear paper

This one I feel like is a no brainer for me. I depend a lot on my oil control sheets every time I'm out of the house. I usually go for the normal oil control sheets of Gatsby but when I saw this which is the "powdered" version, I just wanted to try it out. From what I experienced based on the three times I used it, it isn't powdery but when I pat this on my face, it looks like I applied a really small amount of baby powder and it prevented my face from getting oily again for a few hours. So far I like it but then again I would have to test it out more just to make sure.

  • St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Cleanser

PHP 199 Watsons
I was browsing through the face section of Watsons because I needed a new cleanser but I wanted to try something new and I was surprised to see that St. Ives has a cleanser. I didn't hesitate to get it for myself because the St. Ives apricot scrub makes my skin look and feel really smooth. When I got home, I did realize that this cleanser has some beads in it and it says on the back of the product that it is recommended to use for 3-4 days in a week, so this wouldn't really be an everyday cleanser. I've used it once and so far it made my skin really smooth, but I'll be using it a bit more just to make sure if I do like it and decide when I'll be using it.

  • Penshoppe Sexy Shimmer Body Spray

PHP 199 Watsons
 Okay, so maybe this wasn't really a necessity but I like taking random photos and I have some ideas that may involve me needing this product. I have yet to try it and I'm excited to see how it will turn out in photos and in person. Nothing really much to say about this other than I am kind of obsessing with shimmery, dewy looks so we'll see if this product would let me achieve that. 

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape

PHP 650 BeautyBar 
I am always struggling with my clothes not staying in place. I have used countless of pins, hair ties or whatever I need just to keep my clothes from revealing too much than what I have wanted. I get that I could just change and wear something different if I have such problems with the clothes that I wear, but sometimes I just need or really want to wear something and feel 100% confident and safe in it. I feel that this would help with that, so I picked it up and I will make a more in depth review of this so stay tuned for that one. 

  • Happy Skin Express Gel Polish

PHP 249 BeautyBar 
In the past few months, I have not changed my nail color. I always choose my 2 go-to nail colors and I feel like I wanted a change of shade so I tested some gel nail polishes from Happy skin because they look really pretty and can be used without having to have a UV lamp. The shade I picked is Dreamer and it still kinda looks similar to what I typically wear, but still different. Also making a review of this soon but here's a sneak peek:

What are your go-to beauty necessities that you always pick up and restock on?

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by any brands or companies mentioned in this post.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Product Empties || December 2017

I feel that emptying and clearing out my vanity is appropriate and much needed for the upcoming new year. This is me giving my vanity a "clean slate" as well because I have some serious organizing to do that I may need to get an additional shelf because one really isn't enough, but that is another conversation for another time. Right now, I'm just going to show what I managed to empty out and what I think of them.

  • Cathy Doll 99% Aloe Vera & Snail Serum Soothing Gel
PHP 199 - Robinsons Department Store
For me, Aloe Vera feels really nice on my skin so I got myself a bigger size of this one and continue to use it today. I'm the type of person who is so lazy with my skin care routine that I end up just using this on my face which is just fine and works well on its own. It helps my skin feel and look smoother which is what I would call a pick me up product whenever I feel that I look like crap. I actually made a more in depth post of this along with some of my other favorite products from Cathy Doll right here

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Combination / Oily) 250 Fresh Beige 
PHP 825 - SM Department Store
I seriously adore this foundation. It has really good coverage and lasts me all day, even if I start to sweat which isn't obvious at all with this foundation because it is still intact on my face as if I'm sweat free. This foundation looks great on me in pictures and in person because it doesn't look cakey and goes on smoothly on my skin with just one layer, I didn't really find the need to keep building it up because like I said, it did have good coverage which I didn't have to worry to pack on so much concealer after applying this foundation on my face. I will for sure get myself another one and would recommend for other people to try it as well. 

  • Loreal True Match Super-blendable Makeup Foundation (Nude Beige W3 warm)
(Forgot the price) - SM Department Store
Okay, If I remember correctly, I bought this foundation a year ago and I've been using it on and off all because I was trying out other foundations in between. What I would say about this foundation is the shade is perfect, I'm not kidding it looks like my skin in a bottle. At first application it looks a little bit yellower, but when it sets in for awhile on my face, it definitely blends in my skin.

Applying this with a thin layer wouldn't really offer much coverage, the only thing it may do is balance out your skin color or cover up the redness to make the face color look even. If you would like more coverage from this foundation, putting more product would NOT be a problem if you put a little bit at a time to build it up. It doesn't look cakey on me although the downside is my skin is extremely oily and this foundation doesn't really help with that because it doesn't mattify my skin. So it would end up transfering to my clothes or my hands a lot and would leave only little product left on my face.

Besides all those cons, what I like about this foundation is the shade and it is very lightweight. As long as I manage my oily skin with oil sheets or translucent powder, it looks flawless on me. I like using it when I'm running quick errands wherein I have to look presentable so I will still get another one of this for that reason.

  • BENCH / paint box Brow Lasting Eyebrow Mascara
PHP 139 - BENCH / SM Megamall
I plan on making a blog post dedicated to all of my BENCH / paintbox makeup because I have a handful of recommendations from that brand, so I guess this will be a sneak peek.

I LOVE this eyebrow mascara, actually, I love this color which is Medium Brown. I tried out another shade which is Dark Brown but it came out a little dark and bold for my liking because I currently have light hair which doesn't really go together with dark brows. Anyway, this eyebrow mascara has been completing my look ever since I tried it. It helps me out whenever I applied a little too bold of an eyebrow pencil or if I'm too lazy or in a rush to do my eyebrows, I just brush my brows with these and I'm good to go. This eyebrow mascara makes my brows look fuller and neat because my brows are a little bit out of control with the hairs growing in different directions. 

  • Maybelline Eye + Lip Make Up Remover
PHP 199 - Robinons Department Store
I feel like I've mentioned this before in this blog but I really like this makeup remover for my lips and mascara because it removes everything so easily. I don't have to keep scrubbing my eyes or lips just to remove everything which is super convenient for somebody as impatient as I am when it comes to removing makeup. It does leave an oily residue so I would recommend washing your face, cleanse, moisturize after using this product. Honestly, that is all that I could say about this product other than I already picked a new one up and would recommend anybody to try it.

  • Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo 
PHP 264.25 - Robinsons Department Store
Having colored hair, whether I like to admit it or not, I don't often wash my hair to maintain my hair color. Please do not hate me because of this but yes, I prolong my hair color by not washing it everyday, I only wash it like 3x-4x a week. So, I resort to the dry shampoo method. I've tried about 3 other brands of dry shampoo and so far, I like this one the best.

My hair gets oily really fast and I'm not exaggerating because I experience my hair getting oily only 9 hours after I washed it.  This dry shampoo does leave a little white mark but it isn't really a problem if you blend it well on your hair. This product smells so good and definitely removes the oiliness off my hair. Not to mention it helps a lot with styling my hair because it adds volume to my hair which I like a lot because I love big, bouncy and puffy hair from the roots. I've gone through 3 of these already for the past few months and I already have a new one that I'm currently using. I will have to restock on this soon.

  • Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-on Cream
I honestly could not remember the price of this product, but I'm pretty sure that it is less than PHP 100. I really don't use this all the time due to my laziness. Seriously, I have such a long routine that whenever it's time to put this on, I'm just exhausted or rather, I want everything to be done already and I'm dreading to put more things on myself.

I find this product to be very useful whenever I have to go on long commutes / have to ride public transportation. This prevents my hair to be too tangled and "crusty" from pollution and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth.

The only thing I dislike about this leave-on cream is the product doesn't come out easily. I'll have to keep pressing it and dealing with its fart like sounds until I could finish up the whole thing. Also, each packaging doesn't have that much product inside so I empty this out way too quickly than I hoped for. I also do not use a lot and only use this at the tips of my hair because if I apply so much of it and all over my hair, it would make my hair look flat and "oily-ish". Other than that, I still use this and would also recommend for anyone to try.

I've emptied out more products for the past few months but I forgot I do these types of posts and threw most of them away already before I could post it. So I'll have to remember to keep saving stuff and take pictures and notes before I throw it away. I usually empty out products even if I dislike them (if I wasn't able to give them away) because I feel bad for spending money on them. So you could expect more of these types of posts from me soon.

Disclosure: I am in no way sponsored by any of the brands / companies mentioned in this post. All opinions / statements made are based off of my own experience towards the products.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

What Is Happening? || LIFE UPDATE

Wow, it has really been awhile since I posted. I didn't really intend to have something this late of an update, but I guess that's just how it is when you constantly try to repair yourself.

It is almost the end of 2017, and I would say that this year has been the year of me trying to be happy. 2016 was a challenge that I do not want to get started with. But yeah, whenever I talk to people about how I'm feeling lately, I don't even know where to start. Like right now, I don't have a clue on how to begin saying the things that I'm about to say.

Long story short, I'm just afraid. I'm afraid of putting out content that may potentially be something that people make fun of me for. See, not many people like me. I'm always that type of person who is trying to fit in with everybody else but whenever I do, they always make me feel that I'm a loser or that I'm stupid, or just plainly thinks so low of me. Whenever I do become a friend, I become the "last resort friend" aka the last choice. Yes I was constantly belittled, judged, made fun of, all of that jazz. As I write this, I recall each of those people's faces and how their words / voices are running through my head as if I'm watching a compilation video of how I was made fun of. This is not just during high school, these are scenarios going way back as much as I could remember. I tried to stand up to these people by doing the same things that they did to me (yeap wrong move on my part maybe), but that only created a part of me that I began hating myself for.

Jeez, this just became a bullying story. I get it, everyone has been bullied at one point in their life and I should just get over it right? Well, I'm trying to. I wish it only ended with "friends" or "schoolmates" but there were family members as well. It just became a constant cycle of me trying to shut off all the negativity that one day, all got to me (aka like today as I write this).

So what has all this got to do with my not creating content? Give me a sec.

My closest friends always reminds me that I need to show these people that I'm capable of so much more, but how can I do that when I don't fully believe in myself? I lost all of my confidence and became so insecure that I try my best to avoid going to places that I know I'll probably see people in my past at. I avoid going to reunions or "tambay" or even walk around in my neighborhood. I became so afraid of mingling with people. This not only affected my social life but my blogging / vlogging as well. I'm so afraid that my opinions towards something may not be right even if I know from my experience that everything that I wrote was 100% was what I had experienced. I once called up a friend asking if I should continue what I'm doing (blogging and starting my Youtube channel), I told him that I enjoy these but I'm afraid of the people that I know in real life to see these things that I create "kasi baka siraan ako katulad ng dati" (They may spread false rumors of me like before and ruin me), and that I was afraid that I'll experience other people in the cyber space not liking me again. He told me that I may expect the worse, but I should continue what I do if it makes me happy. I was happy, until out of nowhere I became this some sort of "perfectionist" who only wants to post something amazing, until I didn't post anything at all because I felt like everything that I created was crap even if I had fun creating them.

I was okay with only a few people reading or watching my blog / vlogs because it's a bit chill and I know that they're still getting to know me. But whenever I get some sort of recognition, I tend to pull back. I was afraid of having a lot of people seeing something wrong with me and start to bash me. See, I was not fully secured with myself and adding negative attention to that may get me a one way ticket to loneliness.
I fake my confidence a lot. As much as possible I avoid receiving compliments by being "overconfident" with myself (It's a facade). Whenever I feel like someone's gonna say something to me, I always try and talk first and act so cocky like saying "ang ganda ko no?" ("Aren't I pretty?") or something like that so that they'll laugh and disagree with me and make some other comment that I'm way more comfortable with because it mostly ends with a funny conversation. But yeah, I guess I just couldn't take a positive or negative or any comment in general about me or my content easily.

I now realize that if I do want to continue doing this, as long as it makes me happy, nothing else should matter. As long as I'm not hurting anybody else or myself, then I should just keep doing what I want to do. Of course, it's easier said than done, so I'll just take it a step at a time.

For now, I'm posting this for myself. Yes this was me talking to myself and all of you being the witness HAHA!

I'm just happy to be back, I'm starting to achieve that happiness that I wanted since the beginning of this year so I'm going to try and keep that going.

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